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    New Zealand Shooting


    On Friday, March 15, 2019, a mass shooting at Christchurch Mosque in Wellington, New Zealand. This deadly terrorist attack cost fifty-one citizens their lives, men, women and children. Several people were left hospitalized.

    The shooting took place at Christchurch Mosque. His attacks were toward a specific race, he knew what he was doing, his plan was, “to take revenge on the invaders for the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by foreign invaders in European lands.”

    Brenton Tarrant, the name of the attacker, has been charged with fifty counts of murder and thirty-nine counts of attempted murder. These charges could lead him to the death penalty.

    Tarrant was known to be a part of a group named “Alt-right” or Alternative Right. This group of people are mainly white, racist nationalists. Their tactics include online trolling and harassment. They believe in a strong economic system, as well as a

    According to, Tarrant wrote a manifesto of his attack and posted it online. The manifesto contained evidence that he was going to commit these racist attacks. There were a total of seventy-four pages. In the writing he even described himself as a “racist.”

    This mass shooting is the very first since the year 1997, the Raurimu massacre. This attack caused six casualties and four to be wounded. The attacker was found not guilty, due to insanity.

    The very deadliest attack on New Zealand was made by  a regular neighborhood man, over an argument with his neighbor. The man had gone on a killing spree, killing thirteen people, including the local police sergeant.

    Local, Lakewood High School student Bryce Mitchell had this to say about the attack, “It’s crazy what people are capable of. That they have no emotion toward doing a wicked action. It’s disturbing.”


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