Megan Eadeh

Megan Eadeh

Laila Awad

Mrs. Eadeh is one of Lakewood High School’s proud social studies teacher. I am very glad I got to talk to her about her career. During her teaching process, there were some ups and downs but it taught her valuable lessons.

She started teaching in 2006. Her first school that she taught at was Lakewood City Academy for seven years. She had memorable experiences at LCA. Mrs. Eadeh has definitely learned some things from there that she still values today.  A couple of years later in 2013, there was a job opening at Lakewood High School, she took the opportunity and applied for it.  Over the summer, she heard that she got the job. She was very exited and hopeful for the new teaching possibilities.

Teaching at Lakewood High School really brings her a lot of joy. She feels like this school is very supportive of their staff and students.  Mrs. Eadeh was very honored to work for such an amazing school.  She gets to express how much she loves teaching social studies everyday.

Mrs. Eadeh has always had a strong love and passion for this subject. History has always been apart of her life. Being able to share what she’s learned throughout her career to everybody is such a big thrill to her. There are a lot of citizenships and community buildings she loves to explore.

She has a group called Facing History Group for girls leadership. The main purpose of it is to bring more education to American girls and refuge students. They do service projects, field trips to explore the community, and celebrate diversity of culture at LHS.

She has no regrets along the way. As of right now, she still wants to continue teaching social studies.  In the future she still wants to work in education.