Epidemic of Tobacco Products


Cassidy Baldridge

The new trend these day is vaping– juuls, dabs, and e-cigarettes. Our wholes lives we were told to stay clear from cigarettes. They taught us in a way in which it scared us into not doing it.

The new technology of vaping devices has  not been around long enough for a significant amount of research into the harmful and negative effects. Since no one taught us the negative effects of vaping, the use of it has bumped up 36% according to Center for Disease control (CDC).

Tara Kantura says how she has does not know one person in high school who has never used a vape device.

Many adults do not even recognize the new technology. Many think it looks like a flash drive or some other little silly gadget. But the fact is that they are all around us whether you can tell or not.

Since this is obviously a big problem in middle and high school students, the government decided to take action. Just recently Senators decided to raise the legal tobacco age to 21. This means that you will not be able to purchase any sort of vape or cigarette until you are 21.

If this “epidemic” continues in the youth today than approximately 13 out of 17 Americans will have a death related to an illness related to smoking (CDC).

One thing that us a humans can agree on something is that we love and value is money. People who smoke have a higher health care payment then those who do not smoke.

People are worried, not just the adults. This is just the first step that the government is taking. Who knows what else will happen.