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    Why Summer is the Best Season


    The warm calm season of summer is just around the corner, and I couldn’t be more excited. Summer, in my opinion, is the best season compared to Fall, Winter, and Spring.

    I love summer because of its 3 months of freedom. I enjoy not having to wake up for school in the morning and having a free open schedule to do anything. I enjoy the warm breeze and fresh air with the windows in my house wide open.

    The best feeling in the world is driving or walking around with a nice summer sunset or a nice summer picnic at the park. I spend my summer nights watching the sunset, every opportunity I have to watch the sunset, I will take.

    I believe that summer is far superior to the other seasons. Fall is my second favorite, but there is a depressing feeling that comes with warm weather leaving and everything dying. Winter is my least favorite with its cold weather, short days, and disgusting slush.

    Spring is a good season with the sweet smell of flowers blooming, days become longer, and the weather becomes warmer. The only thing that makes spring not as nice as summer, is the amount of rain and cloudy days spring has.

    My friends agree with me. Senior Madisyn Kelly says “Summer is my favorite season because it is warm.”

    Senior Evelyn Jenkins says “Summer is my favorite season because of my birthday.”

    Senior Alex Bransteter says “Summer is my favorite season because I don’t need to wear hoodies.”

    In conclusion, I think most people, including myself, can agree that summer is the best season.


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