Year-Round Schooling


Kaitlyn Rosa

There are many places all around the world that believe in year-round schooling. I guess it works for them, too. They get up, go to school, go home, and get ready for the next day. They do not know what it is like to be able to take long summers off and be able to relax for three months.

I believe that having school in session all year is mentally draining. Kids have nothing to look forward to at the end of June besides sitting in a classroom and sweating. Being able to recover for a good two months is very good for a child’s mental health. Getting a week off here and two off there is not much to work with. If anything, I feel it throws kids off.

Being able to recuperate and relax with no worries for three months, the best two months out of the year, is better for young kids.

It is not only mentally exhausting, but expensive. I also know that running a school all through the year has to be expensive. Especially when it is 90 degrees outside and you have to constantly run the air conditioners.

A lot of kids have trouble transitioning into another grade level and being able to process where they are at. With year-round schooling, they jump from grade to grade after a week. Stress levels within teens and children are at an all-time high.

Parents cannot use school as some kind of daycare system either. They take advantage of school being in session just so they do not have to deal with watching their kid. Many parents hate having a day or two off, let alone a week or two here and there.

Year-round schooling is not the answer. It is harder on everyone. From the children, who have their stress-levels through the roof, to the parents who have to balance a job and a kid having random weeks off throughout the school year. “Year-round schooling is expensive and I, personally, feel that if they continuously kept me here all year I wouldn’t make it,” said Lakewood High School’s own Dylan Johnson.