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    Will Holden

    Will Holden

    This week’s person of the week is William Holden. Will is a junior at Lakewood High School who plays for the high school hockey team and plays club hockey for Team Ohio. Outside of Lakewood High School Will works for Winterhurst Ice Rink and Will likes to fish in his free time.

    Question: What’s your favorite part of Lakewood High School?

    Answer: “I love all the teachers and students at Lakewood High School, I also like how there are lots of classes you can take like all the Westshore programs and all the art classes we have and I like all the sports team we have.”

    Question: What are you involved in at Lakewood High School?

    Answer: “I’m on the Lakewood High School Hockey team.”

    Question: How do you balance school and all the things that you are involved in?

    Answer: “It sometimes gets hard between going from different hockey practice and doing homework but time management is the most important thing to keeping a balanced scheduled. It’s important to me to know if I don’t have a lot of homework to get some extra shots in but if I have a lot of homework then I can’t stay and shoot more I have to go home.”

    Question: What is your GPA?

    Answer: “I have a 3.9 GPA”

    Question: What are your future plans after high school?

    Answer: “I want to play juniors hockey in North Dakota and then go on to college and play college hockey and even maybe make it to professional Hockey one day.”

    Question: How does it feel to be a part of the Lakewood Community?

    Answer: “I love being part of the Lakewood Community, I love how at all of our home hockey games we have tons of fans and I also love the atmosphere of Lakewood High School.”

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