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    Mamma Mia!


    Mamma Mia the movie was filmed in 2008. They would consider this film a jukebox musical romantic comedy. The plot of this film follows a young bride who invites three men to her upcoming wedding and one of them could potentially be her father and she is on the search for him.

    In 2008, this film won the fifth highest grossing film. The film producers were on a $52 million dollar budget and they gained a gross amount, that was popular in the audience, of $651 million dollars.

    There was a sequel to Mamma Mia called Here We Go Again which was released on July 20 in 2018. Most of the cast from the first film returned to the sequel.

    At Lakewood High School, we have a club called the Lakewood Barnstormers. The Barnstormers club is the club that decides on what plays or musicals they preform throughout the year.

    At Lakewood, we perform three plays or musicals throughout the year. These plays include, Winter One Acts, Summer, and Fall musicals.

    “I enjoyed watching this musical Mamma Mia. It was so entertaining and everyone did such a great job. It was so good that I went to go see it twice, the opening day and closing day.” This quote was from a Lakewood student, Jorhan Keires.

    The play was held on three days May 3rd, May 4th, and May 5th. The Friday of May 3rd a preview to the play was held during the third and seventh period interval. The preview only lasted about 40 minutes, which was a typical class period.

    The play received so many good reviews and everyone did such an amazing job.

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