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    Payton Rossen

    Payton Rossen

    Payton Rossen is currently a Junior at Lakewood High School. She has been playing softball since Elementary school. As a Freshman, she was put on the Varsity Softball team. On top of being a Freshman on varsity, she is the starting pitcher. Outside of softball, she plays on a tournament softball team, meaning she plays softball year round. Besides playing softball, she really enjoys and dedicates her time too: playing basketball, hanging out with friends, and she loves participating in Chemistry Club as well as R.A.D.


    Q: What do you love about softball?

    A: “I love the competitiveness and I love playing with my teammates. Having to play games and practice with them makes my day.”


    Q: What has been the hardest thing about this season?

    A: “The hardest thing in this season was coming back from my back injury which put me out for two weeks.”


    Q: What are your expectations for next year?

    A: “Next year, I expect us to win more games, work better as a team, and improved a lot so we are way better than this year.”


    Q: What has been your favorite thing about this season?

    A: “This season, my favorite thing is being able to hangout with my teammates everyday and creating new memories from it.”


    Q: “What has been your favorite memory from playing High School softball?”

    A: “Going to Tennessee my Freshman and Sophomore year would definitely by my favorite memories from High School softball.”


    Q: Do you plan on playing softball in college?

    A: “I am still unsure if I want to play in college or not.”

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