Honor Your Knowledge


Maddy McFarlin

Nowadays kids are scared to show off their knowledge. They feel as if they are going to get judged or be called names for being smart. Athletes constantly get praised for doing one thing that half the time is not even that amazing. When they get praised the whole school knows and loves them they are like gods.

When someone ends up getting honored for something scholarly either no one pays attention or they think “wow what a nerd” or “way to show off you goodie two shoes.” No one truly gives the respect that those kids deserve because they work hard to get to where they are.

Scholars work just as hard as athletes may be even more but they do not get the credit they deserve. “For the amount that students work their butts off for they do not get praised as the athletes do which is wrong because they did something good too, maybe even better but still no recognition,” said Ella Atfield.

No one should ever get called names for being smart or succeeding in something because if we are being honest they are doing something that can help them in the future not just something to pass the time with. They do not just play games they work hard and try their hardest with what they do and give all their effort along with it.

Give scholars the props they deserve because they really deserve it. Cheer them on for what they do —  not just athletes.