What Moms Really Want for Mothers Day


Faith Patton

Mother’s Day is this weekend, landing on Sunday, May 12. (This week also happens to be teacher appreciation week.) Mother’s Day is really the day to go out-of-the-way and show appreciation for moms, pampering them and buying them bouquets of flowers and maybe taking them out for brunch. Or, if you can cook, cooking or baking for them. One year, when I was like 10, I made breakfast for my mom which consisted of cereal and chocolate milk that was way too chocolatey. I even put a dandelion in a little Dixie cup that was half full of water.

From what I’ve noticed over the years, it’s really the sweet and simple things that moms loves. My mom still has drawings I made her when I was in preschool of her and I at Clague Park feeding ducks. Handmade things go a long way. It really shows you put in the extra effort.

My mom works in a preschool and the kids she works with are painting little flower pots for their moms as an art project.

I took the liberty of looking to Reddit for ideas. On r/AskReddit, there was a popular thread which asked “Mom’s of Reddit, what do you really want for Mother’s Day?” Some of the responses repeated themselves and others were really specific and humorous.

Half of the comment section was “a clean house”.

“I’d just be really excited to get uninterrupted sleep for a night,” said u/AbJ1622.

“An hour or two of complete silence,” said u/RedDeadRedditGirl.

“To feel like I’m appreciated! Maybe a simple thank you for always doing this. You know, “thank you for being there this year” etc. Gift wise I’d rather spend time together doing something we all enjoy as a family. Like a picnic or something,” said u/KingofthePillows.

From what I can tell (and from what you can gather from the few comments above), mom’s want a break. A well deserved one. Being a mom is more than a full-time job. They either want to spend time with their kids or a short break from them.

Buy her flowers. Kiss her on the cheek. And then go clean your room or whatever she’s been asking you to do for months. Mother’s Day is about showing mother’s that everything they do is appreciated.