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    Chris Brown and His Future

    Chris Brown and His Future

    Christopher Brown is a junior basketball player for Lakewood High School. He plays on the varsity team and overall achieves good grades. Chris has made himself known by all most of the upperclassmen and a great portion of the underclassmen.


    “What are your plans after high school?”
    I want to attend Cleveland State University or Ohio University. I want to go into doing stuff with sports medicine like personal training and working out. I want to do this because I always want to stay in shape and help others too.


    “What makes basketball, basketball to you?”
    “Just the feel of the game. Knowing that whenever I’m mad or stressed or even happy, I can go onto the court and everything will be fine.”


    “What would you say has been the most enjoyable part about your three years on the team?”
    “The team dinners for sure. They were usually at Chipotle or Angelo’s. Whenever the freshman, Jv, and Varsity team all won against a school, we would get that team dinner reward.” #HIGGS”


    “Why did you choose basketball over any other sport?”

    “Its’ just something that always entertained me and I love playing the video games too.”


    “Who’s your inspiration in the basketball world?”

    “My inspiration is Stephen Curry. He plays for the Golden State Warriors and he is their star point guard.”

    “If you couldn’t play basketball, what would you do and why?”

    “I’d stick to playing football. When I came into my freshman year of high school, I had to choose whether I wanted to make basketball a priority or football. And I chose basketball.”




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