Global Warming: Food, Nature, and Energy

Global Warming: Food, Nature, and Energy

Molly Roche

There are a multitude of things that contribute to global warming and climate change. While some aspects of it are more naturally occurring, it is clear that human activity is having the greatest impact on global warming.

The things we do here on earth have a very significant chain reaction that will have irreversible effects on our planet. The three categories that have some of the biggest impacts are food production, energy production, and nature and wildlife preservation.

In terms of food production, the red meat and dairy industry is very problematic. Not only are many animals abused, violated and exploited, but they are also producing gasses that heat up the earth.

For example, cows eat grass which contains carbon. They then digest the grass and that carbon is converted into methane and, when cows poop or burp, that methane gas is released into the air. Methane traps heat in the air and therefore causes global warming.

The way we produce energy also has many consequences. We are constantly burning fossil fuels like coal or gas to power things like cars, planes, and trains. We also use these fuels to produce electricity and power for homes, buildings, and various machinery. When we burn the fuels as quickly as we do, massive amounts of carbon are released and significantly contributes to global warming.

Nature and wildlife preservation is yet another area that humans are very bad at maintaining. The amounts of deforestation that we are behind have a significant impact on the wildlife living in these areas. When we destroy habitats, the animals either die or are forced to migrate to a new habitat. This causes a disruption in the food chain as many animals are no longer eating their natural prey. This will eventually cause a lack of control in the populations of many species which will inevitably cause overpopulation.

Senior Maddie Zingale says, “I think it is really scary that some people don’t believe in global warming. It is a fact that our planet is getting too hot and we are all to blame.”

If we do not start to actively change our behavior, the earth will continue to heat up and we face the possibility of running out of resources.