Bryce Binion

Bryce Binion

Bryce Binion

My time at Lakewood High School has been quite an experience. It went by fast when they say it flies it really does.

My favorite memories by far all revolve around basketball. Team camps, to winning districts, to saying goodbye to seniors it all has stuck in my memory. My coaches helped me grow as a person and I thank them for all the effort they’ve put into the program. I could not ask for anyone better.

To all the underclassmen, good luck! I can not imagine having a whole year or two of school left. My greatest advice I can give out to underclassmen is don’t give up. Towards the end of your senior year, you start to not care but keep giving your all no matter what.

Some other little pieces of advice I can give out have to do with staying out of trouble. First of all, walk down the correct side of the hallway! No one likes walking around you and you will get shoulder checked. If you forget your ID just keep an extra lanyard with a gift card in your backpack, they never question it. Make friends with all the security guards. Also, stay out of the house office’s they like you when they see you less.

Another piece of advice is to make friends not enemies. I know it sounds cliché but it’s true. It’s nearly impossible to avoid people in this school, regardless of how big it is. The more friends you make the more parties you’ll get invited to and so on.

I can only give so much advice some things you just have to find out the hard way.

After high school, I planned on going to Hiram for exercise science. My plans changed I am now going to Cleveland State to pursue a major in pre-med and hopefully go on to medical school. I chose this because I want to save up money for medical school and going to CSU will help me do that. Also, some of my closest friends are going to CSU and we plan on rooming together eventually.

Good luck to all the underclassmen. Leaving high school is a bittersweet feeling and it’ll be over before you know it.