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    How to Prepare For Finals- Senior Edition


    The end is near. Classes are winding down, final’s study guides are being handed out, final grades are being prepared. It is truly the best time of the year- or is it? Senioritis is at an all-time high. Many are struggling to pull through to the finish line. The end is here, finish strong!

    Finals are stressful of course, but I have some tips on how to make the best time, and the most stressful time, of year even better!

    1. Decorate your study space with positivity. It may sound corny, but you will be blown away by how much a couple of sticky notes could inspire you. Light one of your favorite candles and surround yourself with some of your favorite things.
    2. Prepare ahead of time. Get everything together before you even start studying. Many dread preparing to study more than actually studying on your own. If you have everything you need, it will be a breeze.
    3. Prioritize. Make a list of the things that you need to do now and what can wait. It helps organize all of your thoughts and may even calm you down. When you finish something on your list, cross it off! Finally being able to cross a task off is one of the best feelings ever!
    4. Put the electronics down! Turn off your music, put your phone away, and turn off the TV! Get away from all of the easy distractions life provides you with. It is so much easier to focus on something when there is nothing else in your way!

    Lakewood High School senior Miranda Larimer said, “I did not even think about putting myself into a positive area. I kind of just curl into a corner and attempt to uncomfortably study! I hope everyone manages to push past senioritis and make it to the end!”



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