Mackenzie Merriner

Mackenzie Merriner

Mackenzie Merriner

I have been at Lakewood High School for all four years. Being in the same high school for those four years taught me a lot about friendship. You get really close to your class and the thought about graduating with those same people makes school all worth while.

Some advice I would give to underclass man is really focus on your first year. If you decide to slack on your first year, it will mess up your GPA for the rest of high school.

Another good idea for underclassman is to fill up your schedule as much as you can and get as many electives as you can so that you can have an easy senior year.

My favorite memories from Lakewood High School would have to be the football games, because as a class we supported the boy’s football team and we get to show our school spirit with different themes each game.

Prom was also a really good memory. It was our last school dance as a class and it was a good way to end our senior year. After prom was lots of fun and I would highly recommend going, they have food, drinks, many fun activities and it was all around a great time.

As for after high school, I plan on going to college, Cleveland State University, to be exact. I plan to stay home my first year to save money and also get a job while I’m at college. I decided this so that I’m able to move out to an apartment the following year with roommates.

I’m ready to start a new chapter in my life and finally be on my own. I thank all the teachers from Lakewood High that have helped me throughout the year and the friends and family who has stuck by me through it all.