McKenzie Lane

McKenzie Lane

McKenzie Lane

When reflecting on the past four years, the good, the bad, and all the in between come to mind. Originally, I had been enrolled at St. Joseph Academy, and planned to continue my high school education there–however, at the end of July I had a change in mind.

That summer I had spent with my best friends, getting food, riding bikes, going to the beach, and I decided that SJA was not for me, but instead I would attend Lakewood. That decision was one of the best I have ever made.

I instantly made friends with my fellow volleyball teammates, and those friendships will last lifetime. Playing volleyball all four years was the best and the worst time due to our terrible record, but it was fun nonetheless.

Freshmen and Sophomore year I played softball and got to travel to Tennessee. Sophomore year, I also decided to dive and continued to make more friends and gain new memories.

Aside from sports, I found my place within the art program. Over the past four years I have grown incredibly as an artist from the help of the amazing teachers in our art program.

That is what lead me to my after college decision, majoring in studio art at Ohio University. I want to become a teacher and spread my love for art to kids and teach them how to use art to express themselves and use it to convey their feelings.

Lakewood High School has given me endless opportunity and I am so thankful for that.