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    Alabama’s New Abortion Law


    Recently there has been a devastating change in Alabama. The new abortion law has affected so many people across the world. I personally, think you should be in charge of your own body no matter what the situation is. No one should have the ability to take your personal rights away and make the decision for you.

    President Trump was pro-life for this type of situation. Rape, incest, and protecting the life of a mother were his three reason that supported his decision. He rewarded pro-life supporters for their passion with two new justices. He was trying to further himself from the new law asking the Supreme Court to ban abortions even for victims of incest and rape. This is another case in which Trump seems to be noticing the consequences of his own actions and emotions.

    “His policies toward China, Iran and on the southern border have likewise produced a variety of ill effects and unforeseen consequences. ” People say the six-week bans and heartbeat bills, are similar to total abortion bans because a lot  women don’t realize they are pregnant at six weeks.

    Sophomore Maryclaire Rossen says ” I do not agree with this decision at all. I feel like everyone should be respected especially with their body and their choice on what to do.”

    Lauren Lammers from Lakewood High Schools says ” This choice made me very upset, It is so cruel and disrespectful to all women out there. We are not puppets that you can boss around and make our decisions like that”.

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