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    Why Schools Need Hands On Career Classes


    Nowadays, as much as 77% of schools do not offer any career classes what-so-ever. This leaves 23% of schools offering any career class, mostly being business. With most schools only offering business, this leaves the other jobs/careers in the world with less of a population of workers.


    With there being no one in any of the actual hands on careers, this leaves construction and automotive technologies in need of workers. However, no one has an interest in it. Over the past few years, popularity of the trades have increased but not by much.


    While normal classes are great, they teach you about how to write, do math, and perform basic chemical reactions for whatever reason.. the career classes still give you experience with tools and how to actually use them. So much of the population today has never touched a tool or does not know how to use a screwdriver.

    The reason mechanics and construction workers make so much money is because nobody wants to take the time to learn how to build a shed or how to work on their car and change the oil or even goes as far as to understand how their engine works in case of a break down The only downside to doing things yourself is that it can become exhausting as it does take time. However, labor costs a lot more than you’d think, and it adds up quickly.

    If you have the money and don’t want to get dirty or do things yourself, by all means pay someone else to do it, after all it is their job. But, if you just took the time to learn it, you would not have to spend all that money on labor.

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