Charlie Cliffel

Charlie Cliffel

Charlie Cliffel

Lakewood Times is currently down, so i’m writing this on a google doc waiting to get out of this place. The majority of my time here was a waste, but there were definitely some shining moments and people.

I met almost all of the friends I currently have at Lakewood High. I’m so glad I met everyone I did, I also met plenty of stains, but I like to think it’s pretty cool here, at least among the inmate population.

I had some super cool teachers this year, shout-outs to Mr. Doran, Mr. Hille, and of course, Mr. Ebner. I enjoyed talking to everyone in all of my classes, it really helped me get through my day.

I don’t have much to say about my earlier years here, it was pretty lame. My last two years here have been some of the best, I spent much more time with friends and had an overall better time.

My camera roll is a highlight-reel of high school and all the fun stuff that I did. I’m really happy all of it happened. 

To my friends, thank you for everything, you guys know who you are. I’m not just talking about my group of close friends, but everyone I’d talk to on a daily basis, you guys have made my time here bearable.

To everyone else, thanks for being at this school. I don’t mean to sound corny here, but Lakewood’s inmate population is one of the most diverse, crazy groups of people I’ve found on my short time here.

Lastly, I think overall my experience here has been a respectable 7-out-of-10, not the best, but certainly could’ve been worse.