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    Storm ravage Ohio


    Over the past weekend, storms have been hitting all over the midwest.  Southern Ohio got more than just heavy rain and strong winds. Southern Ohio had what to be believed as 3 different tornadoes touched down this weekend causing havoc.

    The first tornado touched down in Dayton, Ohio,  it crossed over interstate 75 just north of the city around 11:07 pm. The second tornado touched down just 3 miles apart from the first tornado crossing I-75.

    The third tornado was the most catastrophic it left one man dead and destroy everything in its path. This tornado touched down in Celina, Ohio, a medium populated area about 70 miles north of Dayton.

    The storm was classified as an EF3 tornado meaning its winds reached in excess of 136 mph.

    The city of Dayton is asking its residents to conserve water since the water plants and pumps are without power due to the tornado. The city also issued a boil water advisory.

    “It was the scariest thing I’ve ever been through, and it was the loudest thing I have ever heard,” said tornado survivor Miranda Dobbs.

    The Red Cross has set up water distribution centers throughout the cities for people to get clean drinking water.

    The Dayton power company has restored power to 35,000 customers buts still has another 40,000 customers to restore power. Power crews said it could take up to a week to restore power to all customers.

    Lakewood’s Rob Holden said, “It’s crazy how close these tornadoes actually came since Dayton is only a few hours drive from Lakewood.”

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