Jameelah Abdul- Haqq

Jameelah Abdul- Haqq

Laila Awad

Jameelah Abdul-Haqq is a sophomore at Lakewood High school. She is very smart, athletic, and a very respectful and awesome person. She has played tennis and basketball for Lakewood. She says she has learned a lot of lessons so far at Lakewood High and cant wait to learn more.

Question: How does playing sports for Lakewood High effect your school work?

Answer: During freshman year I was struggling a bit, I did not know how to manage my time well.  I was still learning how to balance my education with my sports because they both mean the world to me. As I got older during sophomore year I really came a long way from last year. I have my moments were I struggle but I still manage to fix it.


Question: Would you prefer to continue to play tennis or basketball?

Answer: I would continue to play tennis. I get a really good feeling when I am playing it. I connect more with my teammates when I am playing tennis.  I would defiantly consider to playing outside of high school as well.  I hate and love going to practice because at the end of the day I am playing what I love and getting better at it.

Question: Are you involved in any West Shore classes?

Answer: Yes I am, I am doing Medical Office  Management. I am very exited but very nervous at the same time. I am hoping to learn new lessons through the program and carrying them on with me as I grow up.