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    Wednesday May 29, 2019

    Enhance your profile for college and employment applications with summer
    service hours. Volunteer opportunities include working with kids, helping at
    community events, and lending a hand at H2O Summer Service Camp to name a
    few. Get all the details at the H2O office, E102, in the cafeteria.

    Would you like to help our new ninth graders for the 2019/20 school
    year make a smooth transition? Sign up for fresh start, applications are
    outside of the bookroom & House 1.
    Deadline to turn in the application is today.

    Attention all students!
    Today thru June 4 th , the last day of school, if you are finished with your
    textbooks, and calculators, you should turn them in to the old Bookroom at the
    top of the stairs, on the third floor, near the elevator in the B building. Also, Ms.
    Chahda would like anyone that has checked out a Biology book this year, to
    return that to the old Bookroom.
    Chromebook return starts tomorrow thru the last day of school, if you are
    FINISHED with your Chromebook, you should return them to the old Bookroom
    at the top of the stairs, on the third floor, near the elevator in the B building.
    There will be someone at a table outside of the Bookroom to check the
    Chromebooks in.
    Any books, calculators, or Chromebooks that are NOT Returned, WILL be
    ADDED to your fees! All FEES are to be paid in the new Bookroom outside of
    the cafeteria.

    Anyone with any medicines or an elevator pass, please stop by the Health Center.

    Any past or present students of French interested in the trip to France in June of
    2020, please see Madame Braquet for more information.

    Wednesday 5/29/2019 Announcements

    Do you play the guitar, piano, bass or drum set?
    Do you like rock, pop, jazz, and creating your own music?
    Consider auditioning for the 2019-20 Lakewood Project.
    Audition information can be found outside of the Civic stage door, hanging on the
    orchestra bulletin board.
    If you want to know what it’s like, ask a current Lakewood Project member and they
    can tell you all about it. Auditions are June 3rd, so hurry!
    Email Dr. Hankins – subject line, LAKEWOOD PROJECT AUDITION
    (instrument) and she will email you the application.

    There is a "Jobs Board" located outside the West Shore Office close to the
    Guidance Department.  There are positions available in sales, cashiering,
    painting, cleaning, yard work, and more!

    We would like to give a final thank you to all teachers and staff of LHS. This week we
    would like to highlight the following departments:  Special Education Teachers and
    Aides, Hospitality and Tourism Team, Special Career Tech Staff, and all Study Hall
    Monitors. We appreciate all that you do! Thanks and Have a great Summer!

    The Chess club will be meeting in room A127 after school today.

    Do you like filming? Do you like sports? Then the Football Film Crew is for you, if
    you're interested in helping film for the Fall 2019 Football season see Coach Thome in
    room A105 or send him a email at [email protected]

    Attention all incoming Juniors and Seniors that have signed up for the Diversity
    in Literature English elective. Please visit the LHS website for your summer
    reading assignment, or visit Mr. Brookholt in C219 for a hard copy. The
    assignment involves the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Beginning
    tomorrow, copies can be checked out in the New Bookroom, or borrowed from
    Mr. Brookholt in C219. Have a great summer and happy reading!

    Wednesday 5/29/2019 Announcements

    Sgt. Calhoun of the U.S. Marines will here in the cafeteria during all lunch periods

    The Phys. Ed. Department would like to wish everyone a safe summer…and
    remember to be active and stay healthy!     – Mr. D and Mr. Harter

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