What Summer Is Like In Lakewood


Maddy McFarlin

When summer comes to Lakewood, it is always the same old thing.  You go to Malley’s, get ice cream or you go out to eat maybe to Cozumel or Barrio. If we are being honest there is not much to do in Lakewood, especially in the summer. You could always go down to Lakewood Park and sit there but how much fun is just sitting there. Not much at all.

The one thing you could do is go to either pool in Lakewood as well (you could possibly see me at one working) but they are always a good place to go to either tan or cool off. As long as you follow the rules and have fun hopefully you will have a great time.

Most people go outside of Lakewood during the summer because they know how boring it is in Lakewood when nothing is going on. They will either go to Crocker Park in Westlake or Edgewater Beach in Cleveland or even walk around Downtown Cleveland or go to either mall in North Olmsted or Strongsville. Most likely any of those places are better than going out to eat or getting ice cream.

The only problem is that if you do not have your license you are pretty much stuck in Lakewood. Good thing every place to eat is right next to each other so you can walk there. “I can not wait for summer but I also can not wait to get out of Lakewood once in a while and adventure and see new places,” said junior Morgan Harper. Let’s make this summer in Lakewood good and hopefully interesting for once.