On September 21st, Prepare Yourself for Ice Cream

On September 21st, Prepare Yourself for Ice Cream

Sophia Masek

Remember all those times when you eat an entire carton of ice cream by yourself? Have you ever wanted to test your skills on how much ice cream you can eat? Well on September 21st one business decided your dream of an ice cream-induced coma will become a reality!

Addicted, a local coffee and ice cream eatery, is hosting the “Addicted Colossal Sundae Challenge”, an ice cream eating contest featuring prizes and carnival games. The owner, Vince Brunori, sees this as an opportunity to give back to the community that supports him and his business with so much loyalty

The specifics are as follows:

-Three age groups: 5-9, 10-14, 15+

-Each group will have eight contestants

-Winners receive an honorary gift basket filled with clothing and gift certificates

-Photos will be taken and possibly mounted on Madison Avenue Shop

If you are interested, which I know I am, find your way to Addicted at 13743 Madison Ave, a minute walks away from Lakewood High School, pay a fee of $5.00, and show up at the Lakewood Firestone Tire Pros, 13740 Madison Ave., right across the street from Addicted.

“I’m honestly very excited about this event, especially since I love large quantities of food; even more specifically ice cream,” says Lakewood High freshman Matthew Mannion.

“I am definitely interested in attending such a modern event,” Nikolai preached when told of the opportunity.

So pull out your spoons September 21st and get down to eat that ice cream. There’s bound to be plenty of people there excited for the festivities, so join in on all the fun!