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    Lettuce Celebrate! Join and Enjoy at EOL

    Lettuce Celebrate! Join and Enjoy at EOL

    Do you like to consume large quantities of delicious cuisine while hanging out with friends?

    But often find yourself in a rut of going to the same places and ordering the same dish?

    Well, I suggest you join the Eaters of Lakewood!

    Eaters of Lakewood is a club at our own Lakewood High School that has been around since 2008, so it has to be a fan favorite. It gives people the opportunity to explore the city of Lakewood through its diverse array of foods.

    Every single month a new restaurant, date, and time are selected and you simply show up and eat. This experience exposes its joiners to so many restaurants they may never have heard of before due to being a brand new business bound to blow up or hidden gems that are under the radar, but equally delicious.

    This club kills two birds with one stone while eating mouth-watering dishes you are also giving back to the community of Lakewood, by supporting the family-owned businesses. Giving the local restaurants well-deserved business and many potential new “regulars!” 

    As eaters we often find ourselves becoming creatures of habit; people who follow an unvarying routine. The same pasta and sauce every night, because that’s what we know we like and we feel a sense of fear that we won’t like “the unknown.” But, why not step out of the box and spice life up with that new dish? The perfect opportunity is only a week away!

    Join EOL, try a new restaurant, get your favorite go-to dish or something you’ve never had while having great company of new and old friends, all while supporting our local businesses. Hope to see you there at the club’s first event of the school year; mark your calendars!

    INVITATION: First Meeting of the Year

    Where: Dave’s Cosmic Subs

    When: September 11th (wed) at 7:30 PM

    What: Make sure to bring enough money to cover your meal + tip 

    Contact/Questions: text remind (810-10) @EATERS





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