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    A Look into Lakewood’s Oldest Restaurant


    Working at one of the delis in Lakewood. you learn all the ins and outs of the business. Dianna’s Deli/Restaurant is located on 117th between Clifton and Detroit. You can either go inside or sit on the patio to enjoy your meal. They have a variety of food on their menu from breakfast, to steak and pasta.

    Dianna’s is one of the oldest restaurants standing in Lakewood. Open 2/7 365 days a year. With an average of 300 people a day including take out orders. I interviewed a regular customer that comes in everyday. Asking him 3 questions.

    Question 1; What would you say is your favorite meal on the menu? He replied with the shrimp fried rice. Question 2; How long have you been coming here? He said 20-30 years. Question 3 asked; Whats your favorite soup? He then said chicken noodle is his favorite.  Dianna’s is known for their amazing soup. Everyday of the week they have 2 different soups all designated to their certain days. If you ever have the chance you should stop in.

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