LHS Allows Outdoor Lunch Seating for Senior Students

LHS Allows Outdoor Lunch Seating for Senior Students

Halina Dreger

Beginning the second day of school, seniors have had the opportunity to sit outside at picnic tables in front of the cafeteria during their assigned lunch periods.

The change comes courtesy of House 1 Principal Mr. Chiaravalle, who felt as though the twelfth graders needed an exclusive lunch spot. Chiaravalle plans on naming this space for future generations of Lakewood students by allowing the Class of 2020 to create and vote a variety of titles.

Some seniors are enjoying the outdoor space and have plenty to say about the great atmosphere that it provides.

“It’s quieter out here,” says Nikena Norris.

“It’s nice to be able to go outside and get a breath of fresh air during the school day,” Emily McIntire agrees.

Despite these praises, other seniors do not see any additional advantages or freedoms that come with sitting outdoors.

“What will we do in the winter? Or when it’s raining?” asks Emma Hirsch

“There’s not real privilege in it,” insists fellow senior Logan Snyder. “We can’t go to our car, we can’t order food.”

There seems to be a consensus regarding food privileges for the seniors in addition to the exclusive seating.

“It’s cool, but I wish we could go get food,” admits Audrey Stahl.

“Yeah, how come the teachers get to have food delivered, but we don’t?” wonders Julian Dirse as he watches a lunch monitor take a styrofoam box filled with food from a delivery driver in front of the school.

“Having a food truck once a month would improve the experience,” suggests Hirsch.

Chiaravalle has mentioned bringing in a food trucks  once or twice throughout the year as he did for last year’s seniors, but there is no word of a monthly plan to do so, at least at this time.

Seniors used to have the L-Room lounge to go to during lunch, and at one point in time, they also had open lunch, during which they could leave campus and go somewhere to grab a meal or hang out with friends for that sliver of time.

Perhaps the administration should work on reinstating more privileges for seniors in the future if outside lunch goes smoothly.