How to have a fulfilling stress free day.

How to have a fulfilling stress free day.

Kyle Ciresi

No, I’m not writing this article to give you a spiel about doing what makes you happy, and it’s not some poser self-help crap. I wrote this article to share just one of the many ways I deal and cope with the existential dread of life.

It may seem simple or easy to cope, but to many, the stress and anxiety they deal with on a daily basis can control there lives. In our modern world are brains are always on, processing some meaningless thought or false emotion delivered by social media and the internet. We as a society have lost touch with ourselves, and in turn, we have lost touch with the real world.

That is the route of all our dread, stress, and anxiety. We are all afraid of death and living a meaningless and unfulfilled life.

What’s the secret? How do you live a stress-free life? I don’t have all the answers but I do know how I get through life.

It’s simple really, you want to start by putting down your phone, turn off your TV, unplug your earbuds. Now take a few moments and just take everything in. listen to the sound of the fan in your room, or the birds chirping outside. Take a break from the constant stimuli and take in what is around you, the things you know are there but never see. Take a moment and do nothing.

Clear your head of your meaningless worries about school and what is going on on social media. Become one with the moment. Realize that worrying about the future or the people who judge you is a foolish task.

Amor Fati, the Latin word for loving fate. This is, in a way, a stoic life hack. Something stoic philosophers use in order to disconnect themselves from the outcome of a situation. The true gift will not be the what comes at the end, it is the means in which you reached that goal. The journey is a true gift.

Realize that the world will always have a balance between good and evil, positive and negative. Life is gonna suck sometimes but you must always realize that someone has it worse, your problems are small compared to the planets, galaxies, and the universe.

Our time here is limited, so I have chosen to make the most of every day and realize it will all work out in the end.