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    1984 Review


    1984 is a book by George Orwell and is often times referred to in modern times as a government becoming too strong and when it interferes with basic human functions and needs.


    The book’s main character Winston Smith is an ordinary guy in a dystopian world in which the government knows your every move and watches you day and night 24/7. The world is in a constant war between three super continents Oceania (in which Winston lives), Eurasia, and Eastasia. History has been completed been destroyed and rewritten by INGSOC the government that rules over Oceania with a terrifying grip.

    The government’s tight grip on daily life and their use of propaganda brainwashes every citizen of Oceania to never think twice about the mass killings of POW’s or how family members and friends can simply be taken away to their death just because they had a thought that went against the ideas and policies of the state.

    The idea of a government becoming this strong was the idea of Orwell himself after he saw the carnage of world war 2 and how controlling the Soviet Union was over its citizens.

    The book has become more and more popular recently because in the book there is a heavy usage of high quality cameras that track every single person in the country. Some countries like the U.K. and China have started to implement a crazy amount of cameras to make sure every citizen is doing exactly what they are supposed to do.

    1984 is very good in the way it represents how our world may become and should be taken as a “warning” by Orwell. I would highly recommend it to any who likes dystopian or fiction.

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