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    Character Sketches with Dialogue by Vera Zoey Armentrout

    Character Sketches: Collio

    Collio was found on the planet Collior, it is a planet based nearly entirely off of war. Collior was founded by Collio itself, and it is approximately 789 years of age, based out of Jupiter’s time from whence it came. It has owned Collior for about 402 years, Earth time, but it is in charge of everything and every Torli, the species it comes from, on the planet. Standing tall, it reaches a whopping 8 feet tall, but it tends to slouch towards the floor due to a lack of confidence from having broken teeth from war. The left arm is a lot thinner than the right, primarily from being hit with photon weaponry while it was in the Galactic Feud. Lucky for Collio, it didn’t get too much damage on the right arm. There is a saying that Franip, Collio’s companion, came up with that it thinks about daily… “The universe is a vast greatness of nothingness.” What Franip meant by that isn’t entirely understood by all, but Collio is one Torli that was told the true meaning. “The universe is perfection, but with the wars, there will be no life in it.” Franip would tell Collio, but it never listened to Fran’s advice.


    The Torli are derived from humans, but vastly more advanced, to a point that no one would believe. The noses of Torli are all generally different, but Collio’s nose is practically non-existent. It somewhat resembles a snake or a turtle in the sense that it has nostrils, but no actual shape or bone, like most Torli have. Most of their mouths are outstretched and quite wide, and their teeth are sharp, not flat like humans, not dissimilar to a viper. But Collio has most of its teeth either ripped out, leaving bloody gaping holes, or they’re broken from the many times it had to fall in the Galactic Feud.


    But what was the Galactic Feud? It was a large scale war stretching across dimensions, from the first dimension, to the fourth dimension, only able to be reached by racing through wormholes.


    Collio before the Feud, was a simple lumber Torli, cutting trees down. It had no real skill at doing it, it just had to for money. The driving force behind starting the Torlian war planet Collior was a greed for revenge for its old comrade Franip, the friend with the great quote. It was betrayed and slain by Francip, a fellow Torli that was outlawed from Collior shortly before obliterating Franip, despite the fact that they were siblings.


    There are schools in Collior, but nothing like the Earth back in the 1900s to 2030s, before school was outlawed due to a dictator that felt learning about other cultures was wrong, and ultimately was the demise of the planet… The schools in Collior are more military based, training to count slorps, the ammo used in Torli weaponry, speaking Torlik, and being physically strained to emulate the difficulties of interstellar war, and those that failed, were killed, or harmed until they reached capabilities of fulfilling the tasks given to them. Collio was part of this training. Its parent, Colloril, was poor, living with three children, Collrin, Collporg, and Collio, the youngest, and nearly didn’t have enough hash, the Jupiterian currency, to send Collio to a war school, even though they were fairly cheap.


    Character Sketches: Francip

    A Torli agreed upon to be true evil, Francip, has been located on Yippitni, a planet that is known to only house the Torli that escape from Collior, a planet that Collio is resentful of, due to having immunity from Collior. Francip was found nearly dead on a house’s doorstep at approximately 23:13 hours, wearing a cloth around its body to keep warm. The teeth were mostly intact, though a few were seen to have been broken through force. As if something or some Torli destroyed them in torture. It was known to be an accomplice of Franip and Collio due to being a sibling of Franip, and Collio being close with Franip, but was also known to have a mutiny with both of them, killing Fran and escaping Coll’s wrath.


    Having attended The Collior School of Wrath Training, Francip understands what war is, how to win one, never back down, and to rally others to be part of its side. Collio is aware of Fran’s training, and as a result, is cautious of fighting it, simply because the tactics taught are Collio’s own, and Fran understands them all, being a near Honor Roll student.


    In general, Francip is one dangerous Torli, but how will Collio take down Fran? All unanswerable questions about a mysterious Torli that few have even seen outside of Yippitni as they were usually silently assassinated shortly after with no evidence pointing to who did it.


    Character Dialogue Activity

    “Francip! I have finally tracked you down on this planet… Just because the planet is safe from Collior, doesn’t mean it’s safe from me.” Collio yells as it quickly steps closer to Fran.

    “So you found me… But do you have the guts to fight me and every Torli on Yippitni? Having gone through your training, I learned not to fight fair, to do what it takes to win! But how often do you follow your own advice, going alone like you did?” snapped Francip. Their equal mutiny was furthered by outlaw Torli climbing into windows of buildings converted into sniper nests, wielding crossbows, pointing at both Collio and Francip.

    “I don’t think your army is quite on your side as you think they are.” Collio observes while scanning the area for extra weaponry, reaching for a rod of Torpi, an abundant but weak metal found on Yippitni.

    “I have a feeling you’re right. But most are fighting for me.” Fran reaches for another rod of Torpi.

    “I wouldn’t quite say that, it appears to be about equal hatred for both of us.” Mutual anger turns to fear in both of the Torli that are surrounded by others that want both of them dead. “I think we might have to fight our way out and finish this then.”

    “That is a good idea… We probably should escape before fighting each other… Temporary truce? That’s something you never taught us.” Francip reaches out for a handshake.

    “Temporary truce. Let’s get out of here.” Collio grabs Fran’s hand.

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