The Sweet Spot Closing For Good

The Sweet Spot Closing For Good

Matthew Mannion

On Wednesday September 4th,  the Sweet Spot announced that it will for sure be permanently closing on September 29. They have been in business since 2010. After nine years, they decided that closing and being with their own families was the best.

At first, they announced the closing in June, but kept going hoping that someone else would take over. They want the business to live on.  However, and sadly, no one stepped up.

“I have been there multiple times and I loved it each time. I’m sad that it will be closing, I wish someone else could just take it over,” says Fia Masek.

“I love the Sweet Spot, I will definitely miss it,” added William Schmoldt.

The Sweet Spot is owned by the Blau and Cleary families. They felt it had to be done so they can have more time to do things. Celeste Blau was the one who initially confirmed it. She said that she wants to be able to spend more time with her children who are only one and three years old.

They will not forget the memories they had working in the shop. People have had birthday parties and celebrated the life of their newborn children there. They watched the regular customers grow up over time, but now it’s time for them watch their own children grow up. They definitely will leave behind a legacy of a beloved sweets shop.

Everyone will miss the sweet and tasty treats they could purchase, but everyone also understands and respects the choices of the families running the business.