Stop That Algae

Stop That Algae

Jonas Hupcey

In Lakewood if you take a trip to Lake Erie and walk on the beach you would notice a lot of algae along the sandy shores that has washed up and much more in Lake Erie.  Lakewood is in the need for a new change, new invention and a solution to this problem.  This is where ultrasonic algae control comes in handy.

Ultrasonic algae control uses a device that is placed in the lake which gives off sound waves to the area around the device.  This sound waves kill the algae and prevent new algae from growing in that area.  The ultrasonic sound waves will also not harm people, other plants, fish, and even insects.  It also does not use chemicals and even uses solar light to power it.  Along the fact they don’t use chemicals they take very little maintenance to use.  Not to mention the affordable cost and the availability to get then from many different companies.

Reports have shown that the amount of algae is on the rise because of all the run off and chemicals from farms and chemicals from other places that are increasing the algae.  This is not likely to stop anytime soon so we need to start the process of getting rid of the algae so we can control it before it is everywhere.

When speaking to Mr. Hoegner a local ecologist who looks for ways to improve our lake, he said “Ultrasonic devices to help stop our algae problem have been on our radar for quite some time because of how effective they are and the little cost, the reason we do not have them is because algae is not seen is a must solve problem let in Lakewood’s community”  He went on to say that it is a problem that is not talked about enough and gets over looked all the time.

Ultrasonic algae control is something that we have to consider to help Lakewood with this problem.  This device has been used not only in small rivers but it has been used it rivers, lakes, ponds and everything in between.  With the amount of algae in our water we need a solution fast and this is it.