More Than We Can Tell: a book review

Emma Perry

More Than We Can Tell, by Brigid Kemmerer.

This book is filled with emotion.

It’s a love story. but so much more.

Rev Fletcher is now a senior and eighteen years of age  when he gets a letter from his father who he hasn’t see or spoken to for ten years.

He is conflicted between telling his foster parents or keeping it a secret.

For Emma Blue, games were her escape from the reality around her. The fighting that went on in just the other room between her professional doctor mother and her lazy game-designer dad was too much for her.

So she made her own game from scratch and is harassed by an online troll, on her own game.

One night Emma and Rev bump into each other and seem to immediately have a connection.

Two teens going through problems so different yet similar.

Problems that even some of the teens of today can relate to. Cyber-bullying, parent issues, uncontrollable emotions, distancing friends, high school drama. It’s all there.

Romance stories are usually all about the romance and who likes who, and sometimes there’s not a lot of depth except about the romance. But this book talks more about the story and the character’s lives than the romance.

Yes it does talk about the romance but not to the point where it’s unbearable and it doesn’t avoid the romance either. It has action, emotion, drama, even life lessons that could be learned and maybe even some unexpected plot twists. The detail in the book is incredible. You can really feel the characters and connect with them.

A book that makes you and laugh.

A book that you’ll never want to stop reading.