Raising Canes is now Open

Raising Canes is now Open

Mariah Umble

As many of you know the old Bob Evans was closed down on Detroit Ave. to make a new and improved restaurant called Raising Canes. Their grand opening was on September 25th, 2019.  Everyone is talking about it.

This Louisiana-based restaurant is awarding 20 customers with 1 year free food.  They have a multi-lane drive through which makes business go way faster. They opened at 7:30 am on grand opening day and they also gave the first 100 customers a free raising canes t-shirt, along with a voucher for a free box combo, which may be redeemed at a different time.

It is open Sunday through Thursday from 10 am- 11 pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, it is open from 10 am- 12 am.

Yesterday i got to try it myself and let me say it was pretty good. Their chicken fingers are nice and tender and you get to choose what type of sauce you would like with them. They have wavy french fries which are pretty good as well. They also have chicken sandwiches which i had seen a couple of people ordering. There pretty nice sized. There combos come with either chicken fingers or a sandwich fries coleslaw if you want it and a drink.  Its very filling. I interviewed 1 of the employees for feedback of the place.

I asked the employee how their first couple of days on the job is and is everything organized and ready to go? She replied ” My job is very easy” We have a short menu which is quick to memorize and our staff is all very nice and have been working hard these past couple of days”. Another question was .. Whats your favorite thing on the menu. She answered my question very quickly. ” My favorite thing on the menu would have to be chicken tenders with our special Canes dipping sauce. She said overall she likes her new job and its very nice to work in a new and clean environment.

Stop by Raising Canes and check out the amazing customer service and great food.