The Fall of Antonio Brown


Alexander Schulz

Antonio Brown is an (ex) NFL Player, who played for the Steelers and the Patriots. He also was with the Raiders for around 7 months but never played for them.  His NFL career started in 2010 when he got drafted in the sixth round by the Pittsburgh Steelers.He played eight seasons  with the Steelers before he got traded to the Raiders after he had an argument with their quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger.

In the Brown’s introductory press conference with the Raiders, he said “I’m here to elevate everything around me. I’m here to just be a surge of energy, of positivity, and good force”. Only five months later he said that he is going to retire because he wasn’t allowed to wear his old helmet anymore, because it got banned.

Just one month later he had  an argument with general manager Mike Mayock because he got fined due to unexcused absences and missing two team training session’s. One day later, he threatened to hit Mayock.

He did apologize for his reaction later and said that he’s planning to play in the first week of the 2019 NFL Season against the Denver Broncos. But less than 24 hours after his speech he demanded a release, so he got released by the Raiders later on the same day.

Just a couple of hours later Brown agreed to a one year contract with the New England Patriots.  He didn’t play the first game of the season but in week 2 he finally made his debut with the Patriots against the Miami Dolphins.

The Pats won 43-0 and Brown already got a touchdown for his new team. But again only five days later he got cut from the Patriots after being accused of sexual assault. After he got cut Antonio Brown posted on Twitter that he’s not going to play in the NFL anymore.