Meet Mohammed Alniserawiy

Meet Mohammed Alniserawiy

Ayden Wacker

Mohammed Alniserawiy is junior here at Lakewood High school. He has always been in the middle of what sport to play. Playing basketball with friends was always fun to him but nothing really spoke to him like how football finally did.

Q: Why did you decide to choose football?

A: “I’ve always wanted to find a way to let out my energy and play physical. My friends told me football is a great way to do that.”

Q: Do you feel like you belong?

A: “Yes because in football you have to be strong and tough to be successful. All my life I felt like I was a lot stronger than my friends. I’m driven just like all the other guys on the team, I feel like I fit in well.”

Q: How is the environment playing for Lakewood?

A: “Our teammates fight for each other no matter what. There’s a sense of brotherhood while playing for this team. Our coach is also very motivational which allows us to play our heart out.”

Q: Do you feel like you guys as a team have the potential to have a winning record?

A:  “Yes, I believe if we keep up our hard work and never give up good things will come record wise.”

Q: Do you feel like football has changed you overall as a person?

A: “Overall yes, I feel like its made me more of a hard worker and that it taught me what sports are really about. Becoming a better and more responsible version of yourself.”

His search for the perfect sport has ended because football is the perfect balance of his liking’s.