Race and Diversity

Race and Diversity

Noor imtiaz

Want to learn more about race and diversity? Want to discover more about it? Want to know different races and cultures?

Well this is the chance. Join Race and Diversity club with Mr Brookholt and Mr Lobozzo every Wednesday after school.

Diversity is important because society consists of people of various cultures and races. We must appreciate it because we work and learn with all of these people and we need to learn about their cultures and their traditions.

Racism is hurting people’s lives and feelings. Racial unity will give us a chance to love people who are different from us. If we stop discriminating people based on their color, on their religion or anything that is different, we can unite people from all the walks of life.

It is a work in progress and may take a lot of time to understand and accept, but with proper learning and knowledge, we can all come together for the good of our community, despite different races and cultures.

The objective of this club to unite people who are different from each other such as in races, color, religions, sexual orientations and other cultures  and much more. It promotes tolerance and understanding of these different group of people in effort to educate better to the community of such differences.