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    8th Graders’ Takes on LHS Club Showcase Night


    Each year, the LHS Showcase gives current eighth-graders a sneak-peak into club life and classes that Lakewood High School has to offer.

    On Tuesday, the cafeteria was set up with displays of different clubs, sports, and classes with some students who participate and the lead teacher who runs it. This allows the eighth-graders to talk to some students who are a part of the club, and to learn a little more about different opportunities at LHS.

    In an interview with Max Winters and Sam McCarter, both current eighth-graders at Harding Middle School, they shared some of their thoughts on the showcase night.

    First, they were asked about their impressions of LHS after the showcase. They answered:

    Max: “My impression of LHS is that it certainly has a lot to offer. I love all the options. The school seems really big but I think I’ll learn how to manage.”

    Sam: “My impression from the showcase is that the highschool has a LOT of cool courses that seem really interesting and fun.”

    LHS is known for its diversity in clubs, classes, and activities. Max and Sam were asked about what activity excited them most at LHS.

    Max: “I am most excited for the West Shore program because a lot of the programs teach things that I am interested in pursuing in the future. I am also really interested in playing my trumpet in the marching band and being a part of French Club.”

    Sam: “I personally am most excited for the engineering programs at LHS.”

    Brigid McKenna is currently a freshman at LHS. When asked if she thought the showcase was beneficial to her when she was in eighth grade, Brigid said:

    “I wanted to expand my horizon of things I participate in. Since I play basketball, I wanted to find something else that I would also enjoy doing. I think that it would be beneficial to others to attend this event.”

    This showcase serves as a nice reminder for all current and future LHS students to take advantage of all the opportunities our school has to offer.

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