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    Honoring Seniors on Their Last Home Game


    When you enter high school and you participate in a sport, you learn that at the end of each season there is a night where you celebrate the seniors. At the end of each season, the last home game is usually when this night is held.

    As a freshman, it may not affect you that much because you still have three years — three more seasons left. You also may not be as close to the older kids because it seems like you just met them.

    Sophomore year comes and this night is approaching again, but this time it hits you a little harder because you realize you are already half way done and you’re more close with your teammates this year.

    It is now junior year and it seems like most of your friends are leaving and you know that next year you are going to be the one leaving, so this senior night is really sad because you only have one more season and one last time to play with most of your friends, the people you’ve been playing with for the past three seasons.

    It is now senior year and soon you only have one game or match left. You have one more time to play on your home court with teammates that you may have been playing with for as long as you can remember. You have one more game, one more time playing a sport that has helped shape you into the person you are. (If you don’t play in college) .

    As senior night approaches it usually happens where before the match or game they call out and honor the seniors and this is usually very sad because it feels like you’re saying goodbye. Before or after the match there’s usually team dinner and different teams do different things to make sure the seniors enjoy their night.

    It comes faster than everyone thinks and senior night is always a very special night no matter the sport. Tara Kantura, a seniort at Lakewood High School says, “Senior night is always a special night because it’s the last time playing on your home court or field with the same team.”

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