Fall Arrived

Fall Arrived

Mallory Moorman

Lakewood has finally started to look like fall. The Lakewood Park trees, Metroparks trees, and trees on our Lakewood streets have begun changing colors and soon the leaves will come down. With it looking like fall comes it feeling like fall.  The season has come opening up all the other seasons, from sweater season to spooky season. With Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner what a great time for the weather to start showing this time of year.

There was a dramatic change in these past couple weeks with climate. Going from nearly 80s to 50s and 60s. With weather change brings many other changes too. Like comfort food and football games. The temperature affects one big thing clothing. All girls have broken out sweaters and leggings for this season, and this week gave them a chance to sport them.

Girls are not the only ones that are happy about the weather change. Junior Carlos Cintron says, “I love this weather. It’s the perfect temperature to go outside in.” Many have agreed that this weather is perfect. It is not too hot, but we also aren’t dealing with snow either. We cannot take it for granted though; fall only lasts a couple of months. With fall brings winter and our state is known to have quite the winters.

For now though Lakewood will enjoy these temperatures and the changes that come along with it.