Alma Al Hamed


Noor imtiaz

The student of the week is Alma Al Hamed. Alma is currently a senior at Lakewood High School. Alma is an athlete and is very respectful and awesome person. I asked Alma about her school life and her senior year so this is how she responded.

Q. What has been your biggest academic achievement so far?

A. “My biggest academic achievement is enrolling in college and increasing my GPA.”

Q.How do you balance your school work with all of your other activities?

A. “Well, I am an athlete and managing my time schedule could be difficult but I had discussed my academics with my coach, and with that, I have some time after practice, a maximum of 6 hours to study.”

Q. Throughout your whole high school experience what teacher has affected you the most?

A. “Throughout my whole high school year, I admire my psychology teacher, Mrs. Scheer, who has taught me multiple lessons and consequences we face in life, thus it affected me in a good way.”

Q.What are your future plans?

A. ” My future goals are to become a psychologist and achieve my Ph.D. in it.”

Q.What is the Best part of your senior year?

A. ” Graduating of course.”

Q.What advice would you give for the seniors of next year?

A. ” My advice is to try your best in your senior year, don’t mess around and also don’t let anything distract you, and you have to take it seriously, study more, be positive, and have the best time of your life because it is sad to leave to all your friends and to see yourself growing into an adult sooner or later.”