German Club

German Club

"Jonas Hupcey"

If you are looking to have some fun after school, German Club is where you should go.

Over the past few weeks, club members have been painting the walls in Mr. Sent’s room with murals from the Berlin Wall.  They will stretch all across the back wall and will potentially be all along the perimeter of the room.

Even if you are not a good artist, that does not mean you should not go and paint because they trace the pictures first and then paint them so you do not have to be good at drawing.

In recent news,  this year’s the officers of German club are Adele Danials, Farah El-Ashram, Jane Kalinowski, Gina Marjanovic, and Audrey Warren.  They will be giving out new information about the club including new club events and when meeting times are so if you are interested those would be the people who can answer all your questions or can tell you more about the club.

In recent events on Friday, October 18th, there will be an Oktoberfest party in Mr. Sent’s room (A123) after school from 3:00 to 4:15 there will be food, drinks, and games to play.  You do not need to have gone to other club meetings to go.  They are inviting anyone to come see what the club is like and just have some fun playing games.

While speaking to Senior Adele Danials she said ¨We are always looking for new club members, even if you can only come every now that is perfectly time, it is a very relaxed club so any people should show up anytime.

Upcoming events will be posted on Mr. Sent’s bulletin board along with the schedule for the next month or so.  On the schedule in the coming weeks, there will be at least two more parties, one will be the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the other will be Weihnachten (Christmas) party.  If you are interested in either the parties or the weekly meetings stop by for a fun afternoon in room A123