“The Story of Maleficent” by Holly Eubanks

Holly Eubanks


The fractured fairy tale written below is an eccentric take on the popular story of “Sleeping Beauty”. While most know the story to end with Princess Aurora finding her true love through a kiss after she is wickedly struck by Maleficent- the fractured version depicts the backstory to the villain, Maleficent. Instead of focusing on her and Aurora’s current feud, it will tell a story of her background; why her intentions are prevalent and why she is determined to conquer Princess Aurora  (Also, it will be more include elements from the Walt Disney version– which most children my age have grown up with– and elements from the original creators, The Grimm Brothers.) 


The Story of Maleficent

In a land far away from my home, I lay beneath the creaking chamber that held my devil soul. My right hand carefully held my shining sword that pressed up against my sharpener. Staring at the shattered wall and a chuckle under my dark voice, I dreamt of the celebration that would commence in a few, short months. The nemesis that rued the day, the nemesis that would pay, the nemesis that would cry for a say. Queen Leah, in all of her glory, would deliver her beautiful baby in the months to come; a baby that I dreamt of conquering. I presented myself to be wickedly evil towards those of positivity and rays of sunlight. I would never admit that I was jealous, however… I do not know what I would be jealous of. All I know is that I wanted to destroy any piece of treasure that belonged to Queen Leah. She had ripped me of my tiara long ago when I was supposed to marry King Stefan. I had been holding a rage like no other for her. It was the only thing I could do to take my worthiness from Leah. 

The untold story that sat deep within my chest of Queen Leah and I is particularly interesting. A battle had been present since the death of father who was killed by mine. 

Nine months had passed and the birth of Princess Aurora had commenced. It was the celebration of the new royalty that sparked everyone to gather in jubilance and excitement at the King and Queen’s castle. The castle screamed innocence, purity, rescenence- everything that I wanted to cease. I was hoping to not be seen as I entered the castle, as my appearance would have caused a riot to the servants; killing me in an instant. No, I needed something new. I needed a plan that would painfully destroy this angelic moment. A plan so evil, so violent, so cruel, that it would strike me as the true, magnificent one. 

Guests entered through the painted doors and the glass windows in hopes of seeing young Aurora’s porcelain face. The golden locks of her hair glistens in the reflection of the sun’s rays… something that I wanted to cut. The crystal blue eyes merely became dreamy everytime she turned her head to the crowd; sighs in awe rang throughout the room… something I wanted to gauge with my magnificent horns. I felt almost silly, however, as I peered over at this innocent child who had done nothing to hurt me. Although, she had hurt me purely from being birthed from Queen Leah- that was my thought, at least. I continued to peer at her through the red, transparent window that obtained murals of her new face. I was staring into her soul. I kept my overcoat on my horns so the three fairies would not find me. If they had recognized me even slightly, my plans would suddenly be over. 


Could I walk into this castle with my head held high… them knowing what I could do at that very moment? No, I mustn’t see the fairies. Pink, green, and blue; where are you?


There was a moment where my heart made a sudden beat, a feeling I had long forgotten about. It sank into my stomach and mixed my black organs around. This must’ve been a sign that I should not enter the castle nor dare to stroll past the guards who lay before the royal family. Their  hands were so joyful; holding each other so dearly. The giggles that erupted from Aurora and the tiny movements of her body and the shimmering light that radiated from her- could I take this child’s life? For a moment, I backed down from the window. My horns dropped to my teary eyes and the ancient frown that sat upon my face developed into a smile. For a moment, I was merely empathetic for Queen Leah who would lose her only daughter in the years to come. Knowing the date of your daughter’s death… it is unbearable to even think of. Knowing the person who had done it — knowing you cannot act on revenge — it is unbearable to even think of. Why had I become such a nasty villain to my old friend and my new nemesis? 

The crowd was still entering the castle for the celebration of Aurora, and the royal family continued to sit upon their thrones that soaked up the entire floor in front of them. I went to tie my overcoat up to leave, but then I had seen her face. The same facial expression and egotistical mannerisms she presented in her past life. Queen Leah glanced over to the wall that I had attached myself to and narrowed her eyes in disbelief. Pitiful, apathetic — and a little frightened — Queen Leah grasped her chair as she dogged her blue eyes towards me. Her pure hatred towards the devil in me wanted to immediately act on my presence. The fearful side of her, or the smarter side of her, slouched in the crevice of her chair while continuing to stare me down. She was now aware of the body that stood behind the red, transparent mural. The look that she gave me implemented previous emotions that I had for her; regressing back to the reason why I was at the castle in the first place. I had to be instinctive at this time… or I would be dead within the hour. 

‘’Cease, Maleficent! Cease at this instant!’’

I continued to stroll past the corridor whilst the Queen and King clung onto their child. The citizens who sat below all scattered to various corners waiting to witness a violent outrage. The knights in shining armor ran to my firey body; cowering out after one look from my cold eyes. Everyone was frightened from my body, my soul, my existence– except Aurora. Her little head turned to me with a distinct look of curiosity. She laughed at the sight of my sharp horns and forced my long and aggressive nail to her hand. All she wanted to do was smile, and all I wanted to do was snatch her from her parents. 

‘’Maleficent! What do you plan on doing here? I need the fairies,’’ cried King Stefan. 

While I held onto the royal baby from my nail, the King and Queen fled to the rescue; where I restricted them with just the look of one eye. They stood before me with all of their gold and gems in hopes of saving their child. I continued to look at the King and Queen while thinking of something to say to them that would be as frightening as my eyes. Leah had known what she had done to me in our past lives. Leah had known what I could do to Aurora. She raised her eyebrows in disgust and clenched to her husband. Leah did not say a word, nor did I, nor did the rest of the castle. It was dead silent.

‘’Leah… I did come here to take Aurora from you. I am not going to do that though. That would be devastating, and the entire city would come after me in a fury. What I have done today, is take your child of their life. Once Aurora is sixteen years old, she will fall into a deep sleep that turns into death. The age that you pained me of my sorrows. The age that will pain you of her sorrows.’’

The Queen fell to the King in a sudden reaction. She could not physically comprehend the horrors I had put onto their family. I was not fearful for my life at this point. I almost felt satisfied — as if all of the revenge and envy I had obtained was released of my soul. I alluded a laugh so thunderous and powerful that it shook the castle to its core. The crowd awaited my exiting, hoping I would be fled down by the knights and stoned to death like the evil witch I am. I turned my back to the melancholic parents and waved goodbye to Princess Aurora. 

‘’Wait! What do we have to do in order to give Aurora her life back? We will do anything,’’ cried King Stefan. 

I wished to leave before someone thought of asking this, yet I was not surprised when he asked. With no heart, I did feel the need to answer the question considering what I had just done to their child. I turned my back again– this time quickly — which stunned the King. He held his wife with a single tear down his face and waited for me to give him an answer. During that moment, spectacles of shimmery dust dropped to the floor. Three small fairies appeared out of my imagination and onto the King’s shoulder. They too, were prepared for my words. 

‘’My dear Stefan. The one thing that will reverse my spell is an act from your betrothed Leah. Once Leah awakens, she must come to my dungeon where I will be laid in a bed of roses. Leah must give me the crown to your kingdom… or else your child will not make it past sixteen.’’

I did not wait for King to respond to my ultimatum. I began to chuckle once more, louder than before. The overcoat dragged over my head and my horns grew to the ceiling. Dark clouds reigned above my head and erupted into the crowd’s ears. The last thing I said to the castle was a simple goodbye. With a wicked wish of a wand, I had vanished out of clear sight. In that moment, I was magnificently evil. I already knew where, when, and how Queen Leah would approach me– ever so carefully at least. I was Queen of the Kingdom Hearts. The story is now over, and my time to bed is now. In the morning when I awaken, heavenly so, I will be have Leah under my control. All I have ever wanted has been granted. There was no way out of this… not even in an imaginary world.