Day of the Dead in Cleveland


Helen Roche

Every year in which early November comes upon us marks the days that families come together to remember and celebrate the lives of their deceased loved ones.

Although it may be called “Day of the Dead,” it is a misconception that this holiday is about death …Huge fiestas all across the world are held for family members to reconnect and help their souls continue on their spiritual journey in the afterlife.

It is traditionally called Día de Muertos, originating from Mexican culture, but all are welcome to this festival to celebrate life. There are many traditions that come with Day of the Dead including; constructing alters with ofrendas, which are big alters with your offerings to your loved ones full of their favorite foods, past photos of them, sugar skulls, and candles; the use of marigolds are used to guide their spirits back into the Land of the Living; holding graveside vigils; eating pan de Muertos, an orange-flavored sweet bread; dressing up as catrinas; and sharing stories of passed loved ones.

This Saturday in our own Cleveland, Ohio there is an annual Day of the Dead celebration in the streets. Guaranteed family fun with indoor/outdoor art installations by featured artists, Latin food, performances, and a parade full of beautiful skeletons for your viewing.

When talking to Lizzie Roche, an artist and performer at the Cleveland Museum of Art, she said:

“I look forward to attending Day of the Dead every year. It is truly just an example of how diverse Cleveland is, people from all cultures and backgrounds come together to enjoy a holiday of life and love. It is a beautiful experience to be apart of, I really encourage all the people reading to come!”

Support your community and step out of your normal routine. Come enjoy the beauties of our world’s cultural holidays. Hope you consider joining in the celebration!


What: 15th Annual Día de Muertos

When: November 2nd (11 AM – 10 PM)

Where: Cleveland Public Theatre Campus: Church, Parish Hall, and surrounding area – 6205 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, OH 44102

Costs: FREE (extra costs for food and purchases)

Extra Info: