Environmental Club

Environmental Club

Cassidy Baldridge

Here at Lakewood High School, we offer many clubs. One of the clubs we offer is the Environmental Club.

You can tell from the title what the club’s main focus is, the environment. In the club, they teach the students how to be more conscious of the environment and the many ways on how you can be more friendly to our environment.

Their main focus, as of right now, is creating ideas for events to get more students from Lakewood High School involved. They are trying to spread awareness of the importance of our environment to everyone, not just the people who are in the club.

They meet 2 times a month. Usually on Wednesdays. They do not have a special project they are currently working on because they just got finished preparing for their stand for the Pumpkin Palooza– a Halloween event that is run by the community, H2O and students from Lakewood High School– that took place October 26.

Their stand had a little game that consists of placing the garbage into three categories: recycle, trash or compost. In the end, after you were finished placing the garbage, they would check to see if you places everything correctly and you could get a little prize after.

Everyone is welcome to join the club. Miabella Doerr, a student at Lakewood High, recommends more people to join if they are interested in making a difference in our environment.