Lilly Germaine

Lilly Germaine

Mallory Moorman

Meet person of the week, Lilly Germaine. She is a junior here at Lakewood High School and participates in many activities. Here are a few questions she answered…


What are you involved in here at Lakewood High School?

“At school I am involved with the Westshore Nursing Program. Outside of academics I am mostly involved in sports. I play basketball, and volleyball. During the time I’m not doing that I volunteer with h2o, many of my friends do it with me.”

How do you manage school and other activities?

“Junior year is one of the hardest, but I find it helps me in school when I am playing a sport. It keeps me motivated and doing something.”

What is your favorite part about school?

“I love getting to see my friends every day, and having classes with them.”

Do you have a favorite memory so far?

“It’s hard to say a favorite memory because I have so many. One of my top favorite memories though, is definitely my junior year volleyball season. I had a close-knit group of girls on that team that really made the season memorable.”

What are your plans for after high school?

“I plan on hopefully going to OU. There I want to study physical therapy.”