Smart Buckle


Terence Checkett

Have you ever lost your pet? If you have more than 1 in your lifetime there is a good chance that you have or will. 1/3 of pets become lost at least once in their lives. The sinking feeling that occurs to owners when they don’t know where their beloved furry friend is, continues to be one of the worst things in the world. There must be a better solution to this right?  In comes the Smart Buckle.

Smart Buckle is a start-up company that has just popped onto the scene in 2019, they make collars for dogs and cats that also track the pets electronically so you never have to worry about losing them. Along with this the buckles also provide many other helpful features.

The buckle also features a built-in step counter which also tracks calorie burning. This is important to keeping your pet in good shape and to make sure they are getting enough exercise throughout the week. They are lightweight and breathable as to comfort your pet but are also nylon reinforced and extremely durable for those dogs that love to walk you instead of walking them. They also include a personal ID tag to help return your pet if someone finds them.

However, the main attraction with these collars is the tracking system that can help you find them if lost, they also can be set up to notify you if your dog leaves a predetermined area like your yard. These are important features to help keep your pets safe and sound.

I asked senior Bella Nanni about the product: “I think I would definitely buy one for my dog Winnie, she gets lost often and this collar would help me find her quickly and stress free. I would cry if I ever lost her for good.”

They are affordable too, if you want the connected collar with location abilities it will set you back $69.99, or if you just want a strong collar with ID, it’s only $19.99.

These collars are a great new invention and another example of how technology is improving our lives everyday.