Why we Need a New L Room

Why we Need a New L Room

Kyle Ciresi

What do you like to do in your free time? Me, I enjoy socializing and hanging out with friends and that is something we can not do during our study halls, and other down time.

Our current upperclassmen lack something. That something is the ability to choose what we want to do during our free time. When my aunt went to school, she had this ability, the infamous L room. You’ve heard the whispers, yes this room did exist and it was as cool as it sounds.

“The L room was a cool place we could go during lunch, study hall and any other down time we had. I would always just meet my friends there during study hall and chilled.” -Kara Kolodzjei

I am a sort of rebel when it comes to free time. I believe that we should have the choice to do what we want during our free periods. As juniors and seniors are expected to act like adults while being treated like children. We are locked in a room and told that we must stay there for 40 minutes. It is almost insulting that we will soon be thrown into the real world and we can’t even go somewhere else during free time.

I believe that if we had more ability to socialize during free time that overall morale would improve, school spirit would rise and overall, students would be happier. If the school appeals to edgy teen sensibility this can be achieved.