Getting Ready for College


Cassidy Baldridge

It is that time of year when 12th graders are starting to gather the right materials they need to apply to colleges. These past thirteen years have been preparing them for this and the time has finally come.

Students are told throughout their whole life, so far, that the key to success is being able to get good grades because we need good grades to get into a good school and we need to get into a good school to get a good job, so we’re told.

When turning in applications to different schools you need to turn in different things with it. You need to send in your transcripts which is $4 per school. You need to turn in your standardized test scores such as the ACT and SAT. You need to have letters of recommendations for some and you also need to be able to stand out in your own way.

Many students have turned in applications and have already received information on whether they have gotten in or not. Some of the big deadlines were October 1st which is when the FASFA applications opened, which takes money off your school; November 1st was when a lot of Early action applications are due; November 15th and December 1st are when some applications are due; March and February which is when the last of the Fall semester applications are due.

There are some kids who are going to trade school or take a gap year or simply stating their adult life. But the majority of the seniors are getting ready to continue their education for the next 2,4, 6, or even anther 12 years. Everyone is going their different ways to pursue what paths they want to go in.

There’s only another six months before the seniors start the next chapter in their lives. “It all seems so exciting,” said Miabella Doerr.