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    New Airpods Pro

    The exciting new addition to Apple’s fancy style of high quality products are the Airpod Pro wireless headphones. They area newer better take on their 2018 wireless headphones known as just Airpods.

    The new design has features for those who just want to block out everything besides their music because with this design it makes them noise-cancelling which is nice for a variety of reasons like being in a loud classroom or a baby crying on a plane they will surely help.

    They also have a setting for eavesdropping which can be nice if you need to hear instructions from the teacher or if someone is talking about you while you are in the room.

    The battery life is about 4.5 hours off of one charge but the case for them acts as a charger as well, which if used can maintain their life for up to 24 hours and a charge of about 5 minutes will let them be used for about an hour.

    There are some downsides to this product though, like how easy they can be to lose and their price tag.

    The price for them is $249.99 which is quite a bit for some headphones that are slightly better than the original which could go for either $199.99 or $159.00 which are also seen as pricey compared to other wireless headphones that are on the market.

    Samsung has wireless earbuds that go the price of $129.99 which is still cheaper than the cheapest pair of Airpods.

    There are a lot of competitors on the market for wireless Bluetooth headphones but the reason Apple is still winning the market war is because of Apple’s ingenuity that shows through their sleek, clean looking design of most their products. They also see fit that their product works well.

    Apple also offers help for when their products do fail but they will usually attach a price tag against that too.

    The real question the end is are Airpod Pros are really worth it compared to the already well standing Airpods. According to Turner Sorge, an Airpod connoisseur who purchased his right when they came out says ”No.”

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